How do I stop the machine from eating my posts?

Sometimes, when I write a post and hit “Submit Reply,” the next thing I see is “This page cannot be displayed” or “Cannot find server.” Quite often, in fact. Then I usually hit the back-button on my browser, and my post is still there, waiting to be submitted; all I have to do is try again. But sometimes, when I hit the back-button, I see another “This page cannot be displayed”; and if I hit the back-button again, it takes me to the forum directory, and if I call up the thread again, the post will be gone. How can I prevent this? (Apart from saving every single post to a Word file or something before I hit “Submit Reply.”)

Another thing – when the above situation comes up, and I am able to save the post, when I hit “Submit Reply” it turns out that my post appears twice in the thread – that is, apparently the post was submitted despited what I saw on my screen. Sometimes, but not always. Sometimes the post was NOT submitted and I have to do it again. But how can I be sure? And how can I keep from double-posting? It always looks embarassing.

There’re a few ways. You can click “preview”, or you can open up the thread in a new window. And then, if your post is already there, don’t re-submit, and you won’t double-post. But you knew that.

The post-eating I’m not familiar with, but I suspect it’s browser-specific. No version of Netscape has ever done that to me.

I just copy the URL, open a new window, paste the URL to it then I can see if the post went through. About 75% it has. Then I can close BOTH windows.

I do not use that backbutton idea because it can affect form posting data sometimes on some forums I use.