How do I strike-through?

What’s the coding for striking through a word (i.e. writing a word, then putting a line through it).

Also, what is the coding for creating the spoiler boxes (I think that’s what they’re called; those black boxes you have to highlight to read)?

[del]like this?[/del]

the tag is [del]

[del]whatever[/del] will give you [del]whatever[/del]

and [spoiler]whatever[/spoiler] will give you whatever

Here’s a link to a FAQ about coding.

You can also just hit “Reply with quote” on any post where someone does something you’d like to learn and you’ll see what they typed to get the results.

Like this right here.

Click on the reply button below to this post to see the code. That’s a good hint for seeing how anything is coded.

[Neat trick]. I used to do it the hard way.

Towards the end of that list is “del,” “sup,” and “sub.”
“del” says it makes text “del.” :dubious:
Wouldn’t it be useful to actually say “del” makes text “strikethrough” instead?
Same with subscript and superscript.
I know it’s correctly labeled below, but the list isn’t very clear.