How do I submit to weird Earls?

I’ve got an absolute killer, --here–>

What do I do?

how do I submit to weird Earls?

Well, I kneel in front of them and say, “whatever your will, master, I shall do.” Then he collars me and I become his slave.

Weird Earls are pussycats really, just bat your eyes at them and they’ll submit to YOU! :smiley:

*(great link by the way)

Email, she’s the goddess of Wierd Earls and ThreadSpottings and lot’s of other stuff.


Jim’s right, I’m the keeper of the Weird Earls and Threadspottings, your gateway to submission.

(Take that however you like. :stuck_out_tongue: )

your humble TubaDiva

Are you using an AOL e-mail account by choice? I’d think CR would offer you a address or something. Or are they too cheap? :wink:

Hey, the Straight Dope was originally only available on AOL. And yeah, they’re too cheap. Ask us about our pay sometime. Go ahead, just ask us.