How do I transfer auto-completing email addresses from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 on another PC?

I switched PCs last night which was a pretty major undertaking re trying to get eveything synchronized and copied etc and finding device drivers for 64 bit Vista.

One of the the things that was super useful to me in 2003 Outlook Professional on the old notebook was that I could type the first few letters of an email address and if I had used that address before it wold auto-complete the full address. Can I somehow transfer this knowledge of email addresses to be auto-completed from one PC running Outlook Pro 2003 to another OPC running Outlook Pro 2007?

Our email is fed off a corporate server and since this auto-complete function did not transfer to the new PC for existing email addresses I assume it’s someting specific to the individuol PC Outlook setup not the server

To give Outlook some amnesia to stop auto-filling email addresses as you enter names, the easy fix is to delete the .nk2 file. Logic would have it that to transplant this “intelligence” you can just copy that file to a new PC.

I don’t guarantee that this will work, but it’s worth trying.

Do a search on *.nk2 and rename whatever’s found by adding .old to its name. On this PC, the file is in C:\Documents and Settings~username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook - yours will probably be in the same path.

Copy over the other PC’s .nk2 file and start Outlook. If it works - cool. If not, delete the “new” file and take the .old off the original file, and then you’ll just need to wait for Outlook to build the “nicknames” up again as you send out emails.

Tried that found and copied it out of the older PC’s Windows XP directory, and now I’m trying to paste it to the 2nd Vista based PC’s Outlook directory via Windows Explorer and when I click on the “Application Data” folder the OS is telling me I can’t access the “Application Data” folder although I am logged in as the administrator.

I’m stuck. :confused:

Was messing with the wrong directory to copy it to as Vista and Office 2007 storage locations are different from Office 2003 and XP’s. Found the solution here