How do moderated posts appear?

So a newby shows up, starts making low-content and unusual posts, including this thread. His last post was an utterly non sequiter (not that any of them were exactly sequiter either) link to an Amazon page for a Metal Gear Solid action figure, a post that quickly changed to “post withdrawn by author, yadda yadda.”

Except, on the newbie’s “card” they are listed as suspended for spamming, even though in the threads there is no indication of the suspension. So what I’m asking is, if a post is removed by a moderator, will Discord say it was removed by a moderator, or will it still say that it has been removed by the author?

I’m concerned that flagged and moderated posts get removed. Which, if so, would be a new thing for this board - usually we can all see what a poster did to receive a warning. That keeps things open and clear; allows us to challenge or discuss the moderation and that helps to make this board a better place.

Hopefully moderated or heavily flagged posts stay in place so we can all bear witness to them. Obviously the exception to this are spam posts which are rightly removed.

Well, the fact that Chronos absolutely refuses to rescind the nonsensical warning he gave to UV and the silence of the rest of the Mods including TubaDiva leads me to believe that the modding here wont be as transparent nor as fair. I hope Im am wrong.

Yeah, when I got that absolutely horrific bullshit warning that by any degree of common sense should be rescinded, I got a message that said my post had been deleted as it violated community standards.

WTF? Since when does this board delete warnable posts? So now when the mods make these type of horseshit ridiculous decisions, we cannot even see them to comment?

Actually you can still see it - it’s in the thread, you just need to click on “view this post”. It’s not a terrible feature, as it’ll help people from engaging with posts that have been moderated. It won’t be helpful if future moderation decisions are as absurd as that one.

You can still link to the post, but none of the methods for quoting from it work.

I can’t do that because I didn’t win the proper “trust level” prize before they stopped awarding them.

I got a post deleted this morning. By the Staff.

It’s no where to be found. I flagged it myself and Staff swooped in and took it away.

Who, exactly, is this Staff?

@zoid, apparently got the exact message as I did. Clicking around I figured out it was about his/her Thread about having lots of trouble emailing the mods or @AdminModTubaDiva.

So there’s that.

I feel like a petulant child. Bad me.