How do mods/admins know if a person has registered multiple usernames?

Not that I am thinking of breaking one of the cardinal rules of this board (and not that I know a lot about how the board actually works)…
Just wondering…

Do you think they might have reasons for wanting to keep that secret?

I understand that they may wish to keep the exact method or methods secret, but is it also possible that there is an ultra-simplified answer to my question that wouldn’t necessarily “give it away”?

One of the primary ways they tell is writing style. You’d be amazed at how many get caught just from their style even before the more arcane technical means are used.

I thought it may have something to do with writing style, but I couldn’t imagine where moderators could find the time to deal with it (then I remembered the “report this post” feature…)

I’m sure that if I knew anything about computers beyond how to turn it on and get to this site, I would be able to imagine all sorts of sneaky ways in which one could be discovered using multiple names.

But let’s say someone is alleged to possess multiple usernames. I assume the technical part that I wouldn’t understand anyway comes into play in order to prove the allegation? It would be a shame if someone found they had been banned for this reason only because their writing style was strikingly similar to another’s. This isn’t handwriting analysis, after all.

From the nuggets of information I have found reading through the “so-and-so has been banned” threads, I assume that most people who find themselves out in the cold were put there because they’re assholes.
Although I can’t think of a reason why someone would, what if a person is maintaining two or more usernames without being belligerent or picking fights or telling moderators where they can put their warnings? Are they flying under the radar, so to speak?

Lots of different techniques, but the main clue is that most of these people were banned because they had a pattern of repeated inappropriate behaviors… and they persisted in these behaviors, despite multiple warnings. Thus, writing style and content and seeing the same behaviors is a big clue. Usually, the behaviors are so ingrained that these jackasses can’t stop, not even after multiple warnings, not even after banning when they try to sneak back in.

Other clues are often helpful, like when we ban ABCDE and she signs up again as ABCDE2.

And, of course, we rely heavily for assistance from our members, who REPORT suspicious behaviors for investigation. The vast majority of our members have a good time here, and want to continue to do so, and therefore are willing to help us keep down the jerk-threshhold index.

[sub]BTW, investigations are conducted by Lynn’s relative Vinnie, who has connections.[/sub]

And I’m guessing that’s a more common occurrence than many would think – since the folks who are smart enough to not do that are the same folks who are smart enough to not go getting themselves banned in the first place… :wink:

Well, that, and it seems to me (based soley on observation from afar) that a lot of jerks pick those kinds of names as part of their game; in short, they feel rather clever about picking a name that’s close enough to their original that everyone HAS to strongly suspect who they are, while at the same time hesitating to immediately condemn someone for what might turn out to be a coincidence (however unlikely that may be.)

Some of them also seemed to take great pleasure in repeatedly bringing up the subject of banning, presumably for the same reason.

Again, just my perception.

They’ve also been known to come to your home and inspect the cookies on your computers.

I never put cookies on my computer, that space is reserved for my gin and tonic.

Good man. A much better choice. Unless it’s that nasty 16 year old Lagavulin stuff. You should just send that to me for proper disposal.