I have two usernames

I should have come forward with this months ago, but when the board went down last year and we had to go to that temporary board, I thought we had to reregister when this one came back up.

Since then I’ve had two usernames, this one and just plain CzechMaster. I stopped using the other and switched back to this when I figured out what was going on, but I didn’t tell anyone about it until now.

I figure coming forward about this later is better than never and before someone who isn’t me notices and I get in trouble.

Email an administrator ASAP and be very VERY nice - obviously this was an honest screw-up (from what you’re descibing) but having 2 user names is a bannable offense. Ask an admin politely to disable to other username.

I just emailed Tubadiva.

Having not done something about this sooner was quite foolish on my part.