How do people shape those really narrow beards?

Prompted by a thread over in IMHO (and specifically this post) - I’ve often wondered how people manage to create those “face outline” beards. Like this, or, taken to extremes, this.

What special tools are needed for such bizarre facial topiary? I have enough difficulty getting my sideburns level. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take any decent beard trimmer and trim away. There’s not much more to it. Of course, actually doing a good job is slightly trickier than that (I haven’t quite got the hang myself), but that’s the basics.

I’ve always wondered the same thing about pencil-thin moustaches.

All it takes is a steady hand, a mirror and a Braun trimmer.

What hasn’t been mentioned is that you need a specific type of facial hair to pull it off. Some people have hair that is too sparse and wiry, follicles set too far apart, disconnected mustache, etc and can’t make it work.

Some of them almost look like you’d need to hold a template over your face. (Craig David, I’m looking at you!)

It’s easier to maintain good lines if you have someone else create the shape for you. In other words, go to a barber, stylist, whatever, and let them sculpt that sucker first. Then, you can get away with just maintaining the lines for a while, until it starts to get rangy again; then it’s another trip to the hair place.

Famous people, of course, generally have stylists who can maintain their look all the time.

I don’t know…that dog’s facial hair looks pretty symmetrical.

Believe it or not, they exist. My son sent me a link to this, since I have an uneven goatee. I did not buy it.:smiley:


Heh. Did you ever read the instructions for your Dremel, where it says “Not to be used for home dentistry”? They may need to add “Not for personal grooming”.

Srsly? Ew. SpouseO’s got a Dremel; I’ll need to check for that warning. I can’t even imagine. <shudders>

File under “People Unclear on the Concept.”

I thought this thread was about beads, and was very confused when I opened the first photo.

If I felt the need, I’d use a set of French curves.