How do you style sideburns?

How do you style sideburns? I’ve got a cool haircut on top of my head and a cool little goatee thing, but the middle ground looks rabid.

I’m trying to treat it like beard hair, which doesn’t seem to work. Nor does treating it like the hair on top of my head.

Does anyone have any tips on styling sideburns? I’ve seen movies, I know it can be done.

For a very, very brief period of time, I used a shitty moustache wax I didn’t like to taper my longish sideburns into a sort of Star Trek-ish peak.

Don’t do it, dude. Just don’t.

Well, I style mine the same way I style my goatee: with a variable length beard trimmer. It’s good for trimming them up when they get too long, and keeping the bottoms sharp.

There are so many variables here that it would be impossible to tell. Do you have thick or thin hair? Exactly what style are you trying to grow? And by the way when are those funkie goatees going to go out of style. No offense, but you know they will and then 10 years from now you will be hiding all the pictures of you with a goatee.