How do they kill turkeys?

Well we’ve all seen the turkey that Sara didn’t pardon.

Is there a garburator at the bottom of the that bin?

Depends on where you are and who you are.

In the UK the acceptable method of slaughter for poultry for commercial sale is electric or concussive stunning followed by bleeding (severing of the neck), decapitation, dislocation of the neck or the use of specific gas mixtures (e.g. argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide).

Religious slaughter (Jewish and Muslim) is exempted from the requirement to stun (as this is GQ I will not express an opinion on this).

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IIRC The rules are relaxed if the poultry is to be consumed only by the person conducting the slaughter (or those resident in his/her household). However, if you intend to sell the meat to anyone or even give it for free to a non-resident member of the family then the rules for commercial slaughter apply.

The guy in Alaska was a small operation. The method he used was not the same as used my huge commercial abattoirs.

He turned the bird upside down and put him in a funnel upside down to prevent his head from moving. He then chopped off the neck to kill the bird and drain its blood.

Does that contraption completely sever the head or just slice it enough to cause death and drain blood.

I could be wrong, but when he removed that first turkey, it looked like the head was still attached.

Anyone else hungry?

Growing up in Willmar, Minnesota, which contains the largest turkey processing plant in the world (Hormel/Jennie-O), what Szlater says is what they do. The turkeys are killed by electrical or concussive blow to the head, then the bodies are hung up & the neck cut to drain the blood.

It’s very quick, and the birds are completely unconscious (usually dead) before their necks are cut. Any worker who is at all sloppy at this is relieved of duty. Not really for humane reasons, but just because they need the slaughter process to be calm, quick, and efficient.