How do they make dippin dots?

They sell these at baseball games out here in Seattle, and I’ve seen signs that indicate they sell them at McDonald’s too. You’ve probably seen it: it’s a bowl full of what look like ball bearings made out of ice cream.

Does anybody know how they make these? It seems like you’d need to make them differently from standard ice cream, which can safely melt a little bit and re-freeze and still maintain its overall texture. With these things, I imagine once they melted in the slightest, they’d melt together and the effect would be ruined.

I have trouble believing that McDonald’s would sell anything they couldn’t buy in a bottle or box and heat or cool on premises, so I imagine there’s some sort of machine you can have in the restaurant that cranks out these perfect little spheres of ice cream. My wife thinks otherwise, though, that they’re made in a factory and shipped in dry ice all over the country.

Your wife is right. Sorry. :smiley:

They have one factory, in Paducah, Kentucky.

Then they ship it out to their franchisees.

They can’t all have special ice-cream-freezing machines. They order it, and it’s shipped packed in dry ice.

You can order it for yourself, too.

Straight from the factory freezer, it’s really really cold. You’ll hurt yourself if you eat it with a metal spoon.