The perfect way to make ice cream

This appears to be the best way to make ice cream there is.


You know, I read this in my Popular Science this month and thought someone should have a restaurant that does this.

You’d pick what you want in your ice cream, take it to the cook, he makes it in 30 seconds or whatever. He’d be right in the middle of the place where everyone could see him.

Only problem would be convincing the Health people that this is safe.

Imagine birthday parties for kids in a place like this. They would love it.

People would go nuts for this.

Well, I’d go nuts for it.

It’s not exactly that liquid N2 is the secret for great icecream…

it’s the NO ICE CRYSTALS part.

You can do the same thing making a custard base icecream using skim milk powder to absorb any ice that happens to get into the mix…

The liquid nitrogen simply does the freezing process faster so less moisture condenses in the icecream.

Someone does, if you can call an ice-cream stand a restaurant.

That is pretty damn cool, and 3waygeek, dippin dots rule

Sorry to hijack a bit, but CRorex, how exactly do you use the skim milk powder?