How do time zones work at the poles?


Looking at a north american map of the time zones and they appear to go up above alaska… I’m wondering what happens past that?

The entire first page of results when you google “time zones at poles” is directly relevant.

Does it really matter, though? I mean, it’s either dark or it’s light, and it’s not as if there are millions of people concerned…

It should always be noon since the Sun is always directly south/north of you, but I believe the North Pole uses UTC (aka GMT)

When I was in the Arctic years ago (on a submarine), we just used Zulu (GMT) time.

Apparently, it’s arbitrary, but the time used is generally tied to place where support comes from. In Antarctica, that’s generally New Zealand and in the Arctic, that’s generally Alaska.

However, it varies. especially as you venture further from the actual poles into the lower latitudes.

At the North Pole, they’re on Elvish Standard Time, since Santa and his elves are the only ones up there.

South Pole, I dunno, probably some sort of space time. Do Things even have watches?

Very cool, thanks.