Stupid question about time zones

I can’t believe I am asking this. What time zone is the north/south pole in? Is there some political agreement that establishes a standard time up (and down) there?

My WAG would be GMT. Off to the search engines!

Oops. My guess was off. The researchers take the time from the nearest research station. South Pole is commonly New Zealand, since that South Pole station is associated with another one near NZ.

This site says South Pole is GMT +12.

This one says South Pole time is GMT +1300.

Search this forum, that was a recent thread.

Both poles are UTC, which is essentially the same as GMT - the main (minor?) difference being GMT is based on the rotation of the earth and UTC (which sometimes has minutes that are 61 seconds) on atomic clocks

Same thing in space.

Corbomite, that doesn’t gel with the sites given by Unclebill

It would appear from those sites that the South Pole is on NZ time. BTW the discrepency between the two sites is because one of them was using NZ Daylight Savings Time which is GMT+13 and is used over the summer months in NZ.