How do we know what happen after we died?

Are there any real valid proofs out there to show that we are conscious after we died? The Christians believe our souls come out of our body and either go to heaven or hell. Buddishists believe we don’t have an after life; rather, we recarinate into a different life form. And there are other beliefs that we just become invisible spirits living on earth or everything cease after we died.

Of course, I might be wrong on what I said. The main point: how do we know what happen after we died?

We Don’t know. There are no “proofs.” No one has the slightest idea.

Of course lekatt will be along any second now with a completely opposite answer.

I would say poking the body with a stick will tell you all you’d care to know. :smiley:

Ask Shirley Maclaine.
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[lekatt] It is only in death that we truly can achieve consciousness. God is proof, the proof is in God, God is love. I know this because I have a website and I had a near-death experience. You might not believe this, but as I’ve said, I know, because I have a website and I had a near death experience. Those of us that know what happens when you die, such as me, and no one else you know, will tell you all you need to know.[/lekatt]



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When it is really, really, dead what happens is: you check the pockets for loose change! :wink:

Seriously, since we don’t know, I always go for an answer that takes the universe into account:

We are like a wave and when we die we become the ocean.

Another possibility: consider the big universe out there, do you really think it is just scenery? I think if (a big if I grant you!) we survive death there are so many interesting things out there, that I don’t think we hang around in this soso chunk of dirt.

The fact is, we’re talking subjective experience. You’d have to die (and stay dead) to be sure.

But John Edward aside, we don’t have evidence that people’s minds, operating independantly of their original bodies, can still interact with us.

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and after that read some of the 150 NDEs posted, very interesting.

** lekatt, ** (Adressing the first link) I am not a doctor, but I have NEVER heard of any surgical procedure which routinely “drains all of the blood from the brain” and induces brain death. To tell you the truth, I have never heard of anyone sucessfully resucitated from brain death. Note that the story comes from an “anonymous” source. To pu it politely, I think the story is a big, steaming pile.

Most people who report an NDE are not truly “dead.” Their heart may have stopped, but brain activity did not completely cease. As I understand, it takes up to four minutes for the brain to die after the heart stops beating. Most people are “brought back” before brain death, which, as I understand is irreversable.

NDEs are most likely the result of chemicals released by a brain which is starved for oxygen. They’re hallucinations: nothing more. Interestingly enough, no Muslim who experienced a NDE has ever reported seeing Jesus, nor has any Christian reported seeing Allah. To put it simply, you “see” what you expect to see.

Adding my own $0.02 (and I’m a theist, too!)

Honestly, I have no idea. I have some conjecture and ideas based on my own personal experience. But objective proof? No.

But I honestly don’t think it’s that important. Doing something in the “here and now” is more important than worrying about the afterlife.

As loathe as I am to take Lekatt’s side, I believe that there actually is such a procedure. If you do a little snooping (and you’ll probably have to go outside of Lekatt’s site to do it), you will find that there is a real doctor who performed this procedure. (However, the doctor in question has completely distanced himself from this NDE garbage.) There was a huge disaster of a thread awhile back where lots of reasonable skeptics asked questions and offered alternative explanations for these NDE’s, all of which Lekatt pigheadedly ignored and simply continued to spout his dogma. So I’m warning, no…begging, you not to pursue this with him. I guarantee you will get nowhere.

As for the OP’s question, we can’t know for sure what happens to our consciousness after we die. But since there is a lot of evidence to suggest that consciousness is a direct result of brain activity, and since brain activity ceases in death, the best guess (in my opinion) is that consciousness simply ends.

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The Pam Reynolds surgery is well documented and appeared on Television (A&E) shortly after it happened. There are books written about it, and she has a website. The surgery was experiemental to fix an aneurism on her brain. She would have died without it.

I am going to list a couple of more NDE sites and on one of them is the whole text of her experience.

Sorry, but it really happened and many others also, unfortunately you are far behind in your reading of the current research on NDEs.


The above are some more NDE sites that talk about death and the life after. It has been said that some readers would like to see other sites.


Here you will find the information, including the doctor, He appeared on the TV special and told about how amazed he was to hear Pam tell about the surgery.

Most of your information here is false. Just the pigheadedness is correct.


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I believe in life after death as much as life before birth.

Which is not at all.

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