Web site that says it's absolute proof of life after death

Wanted you all to check out this site and give me your opinion of it http://www.ndeweb.com. The guy who runs the site says it’s absolute proof that there is life after death… I was wondering what the doppers thought.


Near death experiences are harldly “absoulte proof” of life after death. I clicked on the link that I thought would refute that science could explain NDEs, and read a bunch of mostly meaningless doubletalk. I was very disappointed. For a site that supposedly proved the existance of life after death I didn’t even find a good argument, let alone something that one could argue was “proof.”

Experiences very similar to NDEs are reproducable. Exactly what this means is debatable.

As for what happens when you actually check out, I guess there’s only one way you’ll find out, and it seems that you can’t tell us what you find afterwards.

I can’t add much, except to say that in my working life the abbreviation NDE is commonly taken to mean “Not Deep Enough.”

Well, I work with the guy who runs the site and he says that if you read the brain thing (I did) and also the FAQ’s (once again I did) that there is no way you can say that life does not go on after death. I have wondered around the site for a long time and I see what you mean my double speak and also logical fallacies in my opinion. After a while IM going to send him the link to this thread so anything you all can add is helpful.


I wouldn’t think that someone named Nosferatu needs proof of life after death.

I like this little warning:

NOTICE: While there are no guarantees of any kind, this information about NDEs can be life-changing. The material herein could change your outlook on life and your personality. If you continue into this website you are thereby acknowledging this fact and accepting full responsibility therefor.
Apparently, if you die, then find out there’s no life after death, you can’t sue.

Uhmmm… I read it and was not even a little convinced. I hope they aren’t dissappointed.

Many/most of the questions in the faq were answered about this well.

How can you miss with material like that? This isn’t even an attempt at an answer.

For the most part, it was so bad that I would suggest that anyone who would be swayed by it would be impossible to argue with.

I guess we could pick it apart one line at a time, but there is sooo much of it.

350 pages I think, but if you want to do it one line at a time go for it ;). It would make my argument against him that much better if I had somebody else backing up what I’m saying, and facts to support it…

thanks again

Lets just start with this.

Trauma doctors and such that have had an interest in this have run a protocol for years. The have kept an easily identified picture or shape on the top of a cabinet or such where it would be very obvious to someone floating above their own body. Since this has been going on, numerous NDE’s have occurred in rooms so equipped.

Would you be suprised to find out that not a single person interviewed after an experience in one of those rooms has been able to identify the target placed for them?

You can bet if any of those patients had identified one of the targets, it would be mentioned on every page of that site. Rightly so, probably. That would be a pretty big deal.

Here is exactly what they have proof of:

  1. Some people who are briefly dead have some type of experience.
  2. The experience has had a life impact on some of the people.

This does not even begin to be proof of what the experience is.

My time isn’t worth much , but it is worth just enough to not read much of that site.

From just a quick scan it seems to me that what is proved is that there is life after near death. Did anyone ever doubt that?

It’s a crock.

If you want to know what is going inside the heads of people have NDEs, then a good place to start is “Dying to Live” by Susan Blackmore (Grafton\Harper Collins, 1993).

For a marvellously detailed survey of the NDE phenomenon, I recommend Gerd. H. Hovelmann’s article ‘Evidence for survival from Near-Death Experiences? A Critical Appraisal’ which, among other places, can be found in ‘A Skeptic’s Handbook of Parapsychology’, Ed. Paul Kurtz (Prometheus Books, 1985).

The concept of survival itself, irrespective of the NDE flim-flam, is beset with profound difficulties. Unfortunately, we’re getting into the rather murky waters of logic and philosophy here, and most will not be interested. However, for geeky types who want to look at the many logical difficulties in the way of any belief in post-death survival or continuation, I heartily recommend the 12 sumptuous essays in Part Five of ‘Readings in the Philosophical Problems of Parapsychology’, Ed. Anthony Flew (Prometheus Books, 1987).

Don’t say I never do anything for you.

Here’s a photorealistic depiction of the NEAR death experience.

<ducks and runs>

Apparently either the afterlife is solid yellow, or is not accessible to users of older versions of Netscape.

Go figure.

Around these parts, we’re referred to as Dopers, not Doppers… just so as ya know.

[Minor Hijack But Tangentially Related] Near-Death is an interesting concept. For a pretty new reading on the debates and definitions of Brain Death, take a look there.[/Minor Hijack etc.]

Why do people say they always float up? What about floating sideways through the wall, and straight out that way, through 633 other buildings and trees and mountains until your whatever it is that’s floating passes the arc of the earth and moves out to wherever it’s going out there past earth?

Floating up above. Please… :rolleyes:


Cecil Adams on Do near-death experiences prove there is life after death?

Um, exactly what field do you work in, Ringo.

Never mind. I don’t want to know. :smiley:

Heh. As soon as I saw that comment, I was gonna add that he is an oilman, not a coroner!

That’s the way it should be.

This is a quote from the site:

“While it is possible for another spirit to possess your body (with your permission only)…”

Around these parts, Mister, we like to see a cite backing up allegations like that!

I’d like a cite from scotth. Pictures visible only from above, eh? Clever experiment.

No one has previously mentioned the books “Life After Life” and Reflections On Life After Life" by Raymond A. Moody Jr., M.D… Are they obsolete?