How do you break your leg like this? [Anderson Silva] [UFC 168]

From this video:

Some background here:

So, uh, how do you break your leg like this?
If it’s that easy, how come we don’t see broken legs like this every time there’s a UFC match?

The top post in this Reddit thread gives a clear explanation.

That makes no sense stopping the fight. Has Silva never heard of the “Crane Technique”? :smiley:

That was hard to watch.

Reminds me of Kevin Ware’s compound fracture in the last NCAA tournament. only 20 and it just snapped as he came down.

Wait, so he willingly took a shot to the knee? That’s hardcore. I would have guessed that taking a kick to the knee would be immensely risky, as a damaged knee is pretty hard to put back together.

It was to the side of the knee, not the top.

Horrible, just horrible. I almost threw up when I saw this last night. So sad that Anderson is pretty much guaranteed to never fight again. Loved that guy.

This happened once before to Corey Hill in 2008, and that video is even worse.

That’s a video of the same thing happening to Corey Hill in 2008. Horrible.

But Hill was no Anderson Silva. He will be missed.

Where’s Broomstick? She’s the expert on this sort of thing.

I wish Silva well, he was very classy after he lost the belt. Still though, I did enjoy seeing him get caught showboating in his first match with Weidman. UFC has their first fight for free on youtube for any MMA fans that are interested.

As has been mentioned above the kick is checked by the side of the knee while the knee is raised and somewhat bent. A kick to the side of a knee attached to a foot that is still planted can be devastating to the kickee.

In this case it also helps that Anderson throws some of the hardest kicks in MMA regardless of weight class.

Bas Rutten -MMA legend and all around badass - explains how to avoid suffering a Silva here

Short answer, you break your leg like that through bad technique.

This is not that common an injury; in 20 years of devoted MMA viewing I’ve seen exactly three incidences of a leg being spaghettied out of thousands of checked kicks.

Makes me wince and gasp everytime.

From the video, it looks as if both bones (there are two bones in the lower leg) are broken! :eek:

Yup, both bones - but one much worse than the other apparently,“Sanders (Silva’s surgeon) said he placed an (sic) titanium rod in Silva’s leg to stabilize his tibia, and his fibula was reset.”

Good news is he appears to be recovering and in good spirits.

Just a quick bump to let anyone who’s interested know that Anderson Silva appears to be recovering well.