How do you "delete a post"? {Posters cannot}

I’ve seen this now and then: “this post deleted by poster”

How do you do that?

Our intent was that you could delete a post as long as it was within the normal edit window, which was originally 5 minutes but has since been increased to 15 minutes. But we recently discovered that users were able to delete posts regardless of when they were posted, though it was limited to one delete per day. Since the delete function was broken, we removed it.

You can still edit the post (within the 15 minute edit window) to say “nevermind” or some variation of this, just as you were able to do under the old vBulletin software. You could manually type in “post deleted by author” if you’d like.

If having the “nevermind” post there bothers you and you want the post removed completely, as long as you edited the post to say “nevermind” (or similar) within the edit window, just report the post and a friendly moderator will delete it for you.

I am really sorry to muck up your thread. I haven’t really been around since vBulletin and was trying to figure out how to respond to a thread without replying directly to a poster.

Carry on.

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You might find this thread useful:

Thank you!!

How broken? How did it hurt? Back in the day, everyone thought that allowing editing would be the end of civilization as we know it.

Have you seen civilization lately?

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It allows people to delete comments after the editing time limit. Which once again became a problem with a poster being able to hide evidence of their bad actions.

Just read this thread:

It demonstrated the problem, and as a result of that thread they found they had to remove the “delete post” option to avoid that issue.

Is there no longer a way to delete a post immediately after hitting Reply by mistake? I thought we used to be able to within some small number of minutes.

This is the answer you’re looking for.