Cool stuff in Discourse - Basics, tips, tricks, your favorite features

Here are some basic tutorials.

Basic new user guide.

This is also listed in TubaDiva’s OP for the tips and tricks stickied thread in ATMB

Shorter tips list with pictures for people getting started from the Discourse blog. Very basic with instructions on posting and quoting, etc.

SDMB member GreysonCarlisle posted a getting started manual with a table of contents for easy reference.

There’s also this Discourse reference for moderators

Those are the getting started reference sources. I’ll add more individual tips in the next and following posts.

Please add any helpful tips or tricks you’ve found and any features you like about Discourse.

Here are some individual feature tips.

Some info. on the OneBox feature. It lets you link items with a preview.

For the more technically savvy, you might be able to reduce white space with this hack.

For people looking for something similar to the “subscribed list” feature, this might help.

For people looking for the “find” feature, here are some tips. If the thread is short enough, ctrl+f works in the browser. For longer threads, this could work, depending your browser and set up.

Some search tips.

You can narrow your search by several options in the options menu from the hourglass search feature.

More info on search.

If you click on a poster’s profile in the thread, you can click on the icon that says ‘X posts in this topic’, that will show that user’s posts in the thread. When you’re done reading those posts, you can do one of two things to clear the search. If you hit the ‘show all’ on the bottom of the page, it will go back to where you left off but add back all the posts. You can also go back to the person’s profile and ‘remove filter’. That will take you back to the top of the thread.

What are your favorite tips and finds on Discourse?

Some info. on post counts.

If you want to know the post count number of a post, click the time stamp in the top right corner. It will tell you the post count number. You can also find the post count number by looking at the url when you link it. The post count number is the number at the end before your username.

On starting new topics.

Discourse gives several options to start new topics. One is just to click the + new topic icon at the top right of the board when you’re at the menu screen.

Another is to click the arrow next to the person/thread you’re replying to in the editor box.

Another option to start a new topic is to click the new topic button when you’re looking at the person’s post number by clicking on the time stamp in the top right corner of the post.

[For the mods.] Slow mode and timed closure. Slow mode stops sequential posting over a certain number in contentious threads. Timed closure allows the mod to close the thread for a specified time and open at another specified time.

Just saw this on twitter. You can pin your favorite bookmarks to the top of your bookmark list.

Thanks for this – feel free to ask if anything in particular needs further explanation!

If you want to post in a really long thread that you haven’t read yet, but leery of posting something that’s already been posted (AND you’re too lazy to actually read the whole damn thing to find out), click on search, and then click on “on this topic”, enter some of your key words, and boom - it’ll instantly show whereelse in the thread those key words are - if they exist, at all.