How do you determine if a TV [series] has been dropped?

If you haven’t seen a TV series since spring how do you know if it is still around or has been dropped?

I’m thinking of Numbers right now but there are others on my Dish timer that haven’t been seen since spring and I wonder how to check if there will be new episodes at some time.

Google it.

The screen will usually be shattered.


Numbers is no more. :frowning: The complete series on DVD is at the top of my holiday wish list.

If there is one subject on which Wikipedia can be regarded as an authoritative cite, it is current pop culture. Just search on the name of any television show and you should find either an end date or specific information on the next season.

Try or But yeah, the fact the Rob Morrow is now on a different show kind of means Numbers is canceled.

Added “series” to thread title.

The Futon Critic is excellent for this information. If you scroll down to the SHOWATCH section, it has lists of what’s been canceled, what’s airing (and how many episodes are left in the season), what’s coming back later (and when), and what’s still up in the air. Despite other rumors which get passed around (often including premature wikipedia updates), I never accept a show as canceled until it shows up on that site.

Why does the “updated” column in this chart have dates that haven’t happened yet (11/10 and 12/1)? What nonintuitive way are they using “updated” here?

That would be the date for the final episode. The column is labeled wrong.

(yeah, I thought you meant an actual tv, lol! like the time we bought a humongous big old TV, years ago, rassled it home, into the house, up onto the shelf, and only THEN noticed the crack in the plastic on top - that thing had been dropped on its head and returned to the store! But it was so heavy we didn’t bother. And it worked fine for years and years.)

I sometimes look on and read the message boards of shows I like. If a show is in danger, or has been cancelled, there will be all-caps titles advising of the same in the lists of topics.

That’s how I learned Medium is most probably in its last weeks.:frowning:

Salinqmund: When a show changes networks, it’s seldom a good sign.

Nope. That one (The Whole Story) was canceled too. :eek:

Thank you. I have searched many times for Nielsen ratings and have never found the second (or first for that matter) site. It has been bookmarked and backed up to xmarks. I’m also thinking of getting a tattoo.

Well, Medium got another year and a half out of it, which is more than a lot of network changing shows get.

And the also cancelled post-Numbers Rob Morrow show was the Whole Truth, not the Whole Story.

Yup. Thanks! Of course, it was The Whole Truth. That’s how forgettable it is (was)… I couldn’t even remember the correct title. :smiley: