How do you distinguish your stuff? Or: Happiness is an orange accessory.

I like orange. My new cell phone doesn’t have a replaceable face plate, it just has an accent ring that goes around the screen that you can pop out and replace. I didn’t really truly feel like it belonged to me until I’d gotten rid of the blue ring that came with the phone and replaced it with an orange one that I found online. (It was a bargain to boot: $3.95 with free shipping.) I am also very pleased with my iSkin iPod case which is glow in the dark orange.

I like orange stuff because it’s rarer than blue or green or red or pink so it’s a bit of a thrill to find. Sometimes I’ll buy things just because they’re orange. (I had to give myself a Stern Lecture in Staples the other day because I was about to buy yet another orange pencil case. Three is probably enough for anyone’s pencil-encasing needs, really.) The best thing, though, is that orange is distinctive. It jumps out at me, so I’m less likely to forget my stuff, or mistake my stuff for somebody else’s. And if one of my friends finds an orange notebook with an orange pen tucked into it, they can make a pretty good guess who left it behind.

I used to have one friend who had Hello Kitty on all her stuff. Now I have another friend who’s also into Hello Kitty, so it’s hard to tell their stuff apart, although you can narrow it down to just those two, and one is into cutesy HK and the other is more into gothy HK so sometimes you can distinguish that way.

Do you have a “trademark” that sets your stuff apart? Something that will cause you to buy stuff you don’t really need just because it so “you”?

Black canvas with lots of zippers or fasteners. I’m all over that kind of accessory. Otherwise, pretty unadorned.

Hmmmm… let’s see… purple lunchbag, puple sport bottle, purple bath mat, purple towels, purple backpack, lavender plastic tumbler, a stack of purple plastic bowls I bought at WalMart and placed into the cabinet just in front of the purple ceramic bowls, a purple parka hanging in my purple closet inside my boysenberry-colored bedroom, grape Birkenstock clogs on my feet…

nope, can’t think of anything.

If I had to stick with one color, and i don’t, it would be a bright yellow. I get bandanas in as many colors as I can find. My cell phone is the way I bought it. I keep my palm in an orange otterbox (aren’t you jealous?).

Hey! Orange is MY color.

I had an orange wallet that I loved. It got so nasty it turned brown, though.

If it has a penguin on it, I REQUIRE IT. PENGUIN PENGUIN PENGUIN.

Also, blue.

Blue with penguins? YES PLEASE.

If I were rich and it were legal I would have a pet Little Blue (“Fairy”) Penguin. And its name would be Horatio.

Blue. It’s gotta be blue.

Anything I buy that comes in colors I buy in blue. Dark blue, too. No bright royal blue or sissy baby blue. Dark blue. Most of my clothes are blue, I bought a blue face plate for my cell phone, our new home phone is blue, our living room furniture is blue, I prefer blue ink pens, my bag for work is blue, I several blue purses, my wallet is blue … I like blue.

I’m all about the green. My friends and I are all smokers, and to avoid the confusion of stolen lighters, we have rules. Any green lighter found is automatically mine. Doesn’t matter if someone else came in with it. If it’s green, it’s mine. If it’s purple, it my friend’s. Makes everything easier, really.

Also, if it’s got a Superman logo on it, get out of my way, I’m headin’ for the cash register.

All my D&D books are marked with three lines ( III ) across the top and bottom of the pages so that if, at a game or convention, somebody borrows a book and it ends up in their stack of books, I can spot it from across the table.