How do you eat your turkey sandwiches the day after thanksgiving

I’m partial to just using white bread, miracle whip and a slice of cheese.

However someone recommended I use jellied cranberry sauce on it. I like it, but I still think it tastes better without.

However adding slices of bacon is also a nice addition.

Do other people like their after thanksgiving turkey sandwiches any particular way?

Personally, I like a nice, smothered hot turkey sandwich.

Slice of Texas toast on plate
pile of sliced turkey on slice of toast
(other random T-day leftovers may be included here such as stuffing, cran sauce, ham or mashed yams)
ladle of gravy
top with another slice of Texas toast
cut sandwich in half - corner to corner please
scoop of mashed potatoes between the sandwich halves
fork, bib, enjoy, repeat

Ditto, though make mine with Hellman’s mayo instead of Miracle Whip. And a nice mild cheese, like Monterey Jack, but maybe spiced up with a little hot pepper.

Add bacon, lettuce, and tomato to make a Club Sandwich, on buttered toast, of course.

I could also go for a diner-style hot turkey sandwich right about now, with gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, of course.

Mayo, breast meat, tomatoes, salt, pepper.

Homemade biscuit split in two, add slice of cheese and slice of turkey. Bacon or cranberry sauce optional. Condiments like mayo or mustard only if the turkey is dry, which usually isn’t a problem here.

Hellmann’s mayo on Lavash bread. I also add horseradish sauce and emmentaler cheese.

Either mayo and meat on whatever bread I have, maybe cheese, or a turkey melt with just meat and cheese.

Turkey and mayo on toasted bread.

I always hope there are some dinner rolls left (got lucky this year). Butter and turkey on a dinner roll; that’s it. I put the cranberry sauce on the side (I make my cranberry sauce from thisrecipe and it’s wonderful. Cooks in the oven with no supervision at all and tastes great until long after the turkey is gone.)

I tend to like mine on the more straightforward side. So nothing too fancy: just Hellmann’s and some cheese. Lettuce and tomato if I happen to have it, but usually I don’t have both. If I do have those, then usually I’ll also put some thinly sliced onion with salt and pepper on it. While I like cranberry sauce with hot turkey, I don’t like it on turkey sandwiches. There’s a sub chain called Cappriotti’s out of Delaware with locations in 16 states that is famous for their turkey sandwich (the Bobbie), but the one time I had it, I didn’t like it: it had stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo. Just way overcarbed for my tastes and didn’t work at all, but lots of folks love it. Their other sandwiches are quite nice, though.

If I’m feeling a little more ambitious, I might do a curried turkey salad type of thing: leftover turkey diced, celery, curry powder, mayo. In this case I do use some leftover cranberry sauce, if it’s the whole berry type, as the fruit and the sweet & sour, then whatever else I have around the house that looks like it might fit. If I have some leftover nuts, they’ll get thrown in there. Finely diced red onion or scallions. Got cilantro? That can go in, too. That sort of thing. It’s an improvisatory type of dish, with the main points being a curry powered mayonnaise base, and then usually a sweet and acidic component, a textural component, and go from there. You can also cut some of the mayo with some yogurt if you want it a bit lighter, but you also don’t need to put that much mayo in it.

White bread, mayo, cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey, salt & pepper, mayo, white bread. In that order. Hmmm. . .lunchtime!

The reverse turkey sandwich:

Two slices of turkey with some stuffing and cranberry sauce between. Cold and often standing up.

It’s a tradition.

Usually soup instead of sandwiches, but a sandwich would be made from turkey salad. That’s cubed turkey, mayo, chopped green onions, and maybe something else. Tarragon sometimes, for instance.

Just had one for supper tonight. Cranberry english muffin, turkey, jack cheese, and an egg all cooked up breakfast sandwich style. Tasty.

Whole wheat bread
Hellman’s mayo

Hellman’s mayo (Best foods out here), red leaf lettuce, and usually white bread, though we have some left over big hamburger rolls which I use instead. Plus turkey. And when I find it, some leftover stuffing still in the bird goes in also.

White bread, toasted and buttered.
Cold turkey, salted, peppered and spread with Coleman’s spicy mustard.

I put basil aioli on Ezekiel bread, then turkey, then a slice of provolone. Skewing the turkey in an Italian direction sets it apart from the sagey-thymey Thanksgiving flavors for a welcome change of pace.

Toast 2 slices of whole grain bread, scrape mayo and Dijon on each and lay on aluminum foil. Layer stuffing on each side, then gravy and black pepper, followed by turkey and a slice of cheddar on one and Gouda on the other. Throw into a hot oven 5-10 minutes to melt cheese and crisp everything else up. Slap em together, slice down the middle, and drown yourself in post-Thanksgiving delight watching your 8th football game of the day.

Mayo, lettuce, tomato if we’ve got one.