How to make a really good turkey sandwich?

I have a whole lot of sliced turkey here (it is a little dry, but still pretty good). Any recomendations on how to make an excellent turkey sandwich? Note, these are not “chunks” but real slices of turkey each about 1/8 of an inch (or a little under .3 cm) thick. These slices were done up good and made me think sandwich.

Lettuce and mayo is all you need. Scratch that. Mayo is all you need. And salt and pepper. Stuffing would be good too.

Nothing else. Don’t listen to any of those heathens who will come in here talking about how they hate mayo. Especially block your ears if anyone has the temerity to mention Satan’s jizz, aka Miracle Whip. I have spoken.

In a croissant, sun dried tomatoes or roasted red peppers, havarti cheese, mayo and mustard, and salt and pepper. Heat so that it is warm.

What about the tangy zip of Miracle Whip?

Mayo comes from an ancient greek word meaning “the cream cheese of hades”, you have been warned, MIRACLE WHIP rocks!.

(the above joke was stolen from the reverend billy c. wirtz)

I wholeheartedly endorse essvee’s recipe. He speaks truth.

However, if you are tired of that (although how you could tire of the best sammitch on earth, I don’t know), try spreading cream cheese on a tortilla, sprinkle with dried cranberries, then add turkey and roll that bad boy up. YUM.

White bread, butter, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, salt, pepper. Nuke for about 1 minute on 1/2 power.

For the PERFECT turkey sandwich:

Top quality ** white or sourdough, medium light toasted ** . Generous ** mayo** on one slice, spread a generous quantity of ripe ** avocado ** on the other slice. Salt the avocado lightly. Slice a really ripe ** tomato ** , drain off most of the seeds and juice, light ** salt ** , heavy ** pepper ** . Tear off a few leaves of ** romaine ** , some of the dark leaf and some of the crisp. Fry 2- slices of good ** bacon ** to the crispness you prefer. Place on bread with ** turkey ** .

Perfection. Flawless. Heaven.

Stoid’s recipe is excellent. My alternative is a sauce which would go well w/ turkey and bacon, but not avocado. :slight_smile:

When I make “plain” turkey sandwiches (i.e. turkey, bread, lettuce, and tomato) I like to make a special sauce. Throw this stuff into the food processor: 1 teaspoon of cranberry sauce or cranberries, 1/2 teaspoon of mayo, a slice of orange (or a few mandarin oranges), and a dash of salt/pepper/garlic powder. Whirl it up quickly, and spread the stuff on the sandwich. (This makes enough for at least 2 sandwiches.) Marvelous stuff: I first had it at the Marshall Fields’ cafeteria in Chicago.

Hmmm… sounds tasty! I really need to learn how to cook.

My post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich recipe is as follows:

Put a generous amount of turkey (chunks or slices; doesn’t matter) on a plate. Cover with leftover stuffing, then with leftover gravy. Zap in the microwave until warm. Pick up assemblage with a large spatula and slide a piece of bread underneath (potato bread is good). Salt and pepper generously, then cover with a layer of whole-berry cranberry sauce (homemade is good, but canned is fine too). Top with another slice of bread. Eat with knife and fork.

I’ve learned from harsh experience that if you put the ingredients on the bread before microwaving, not only will the bread be chewy and downright inedible, but the cranberry sauce will melt. Only the things which were originally warm should be warm in this sandwich.

Toss the turkey slices in a frying pan with some garlic-flavored oil and sliced onions, heat it, sprinkle on some shreaded sharp cheddar (try saying that 5 times fast). Toast a bagle, slice a tomato, and put it all together.

It’s not the healthiest thing in the world, but it’s durn tasty.


Try your leftover cranberry sauce on the sandwich (not the nasty jelllied kind; the real, whole-berry stuff), mixed with mustard or horseradish. Sauteed garlic or ginger is yummy in cranberry sauce, too.

Almost every day my lunch is thinly sliced turkey, on wheat, with american or provolone.

Simple, tasty, and no devil’s come faux pas.

That’s deli turkey, though, rather than real roasted turkey that’s been sliced, so it’s pretty moist by itself. If it’s dry post-thanksgiving turkey, the otherwise useless condiments may come into play.

Only a California Kook would put a slice of avacado on a turkey sandwich…

Seriously, i’d never heard of using avacado for anything but Guacamole before I moved to “The Plastic Superfiscial State” ™

That and Artichokes… on a sandwich… ugh!

Guybud, you don’t know what you’re missing. After all, avocado is really just a wonderfully flavored vegetable fat, for all intents and purposes. Adds a marvelous subtle * something * that just can’t be beat!

A fantastic sandwich, non-turkey:

High quality (La Brea Bakery, for those fortunate enough) olive bread, avocado, roasted peppers, bufalo (fresh) mozzarella, onion sprouts and a thin schmear of Brie. Salt and pepper. Insanely delicious.

A mysterious mixture of spices known as “Veggie Pepper,” only available from along the tree line in the Shire of Wolfscairn, is a vital component to any truly great turkey sandwich.

Just make sure to use lots and lots of turkey. When in doubt, add an additional piece of bread and another layer, and stack even more turkey.

That’s a turkey sandwich.

Yessss… Trukey gooood.
Homer “gurgle” sound

Pumpernickel bread, mayo, onion, swiss cheese and banana pepper rings. Lettuce optional.