How do you find a good karaoke place?

I’m looking for somewhere to do karaoke tonight.
I’ve got a decent place in mind, but it’s far enough that a cab ride would be kind of expensive.
I’m not in a huge city, (Akron Ohio) so the online listings only kick up two places that sometimes do it.
Should I just call every bar in the phone book and ask?
Is there some good resource on this out there?

Yelp is usually good for this sort of thing.

Good job.
I consider this GQ answered definitively.
Wish me luck, folks, I’m headed to a dive bar 3 miles from the house.
I’m taking the best freaking singer I’ve ever dated, so I can drink hard liquor and bliss out to her voice.

Sounds dreamy. Have fun :slight_smile:

Just to add to this, where Yelp doesn’t do it, the online edition of local newspapers often do. Many small bars and such that don’t have their own website will at least sometimes list their events with the papers.