How do you get into Straight Dope Chat?

I hate to post this question because I know it’s been done many times before, but my searches came up with nothing, and instead of running the poor little hamsters ragged, I figured I’d just go to the source.

So, what exactly is the procedure for getting into the Straight Dope Chat room? I understand there are things to download etc. , but I can’t remember the specifics from the last time I saw this question answered.


is there a Straight Dope Chat Room that i am not aware of ??

incase you’re talking about an irc chat room, you’d need mIRC from

but i’m not sure what you mean by SDCR.

it’s strange how dopers think of the same questions at the same time on a regular basis…

For example, less than 24 hours ago.

There is an unofficial IRC chat channel, which is entirely independent of this message board and not affiliated with the Chicago Reader at all. That’s why it’s not mentioned formally here; the administration quite reasonably do not want to be held responsible for anything involving chat when they don’t maintain it.

The channel is on IRC and is called #straightdope. If you do not have chat software installed (it’s usually free, and the most popular program is MIRC, although I use VIRC, both available at you may be able to find a web-based interface through a Google search.

Good grief, I even looked at ATMB and did a search there before posting this thread. Sorry about that, Arny. You can shut this one down if you like.