How do you grab a Mac doc that is off the screen?

You can only (right?) grab the Word doc or Excel sheet on the top bar, but once that top bar goes off the screen, you are SOL–or aren’t you?

In my ignorance I’ve sometimes had to restart the program in order to put the doc in grabbable condition. What should I do?

This is all assuming that your problem is that your toolbars are blocking your access. I can’t actually get my document windows to go off my screen entirely…

Go up to the “Window” menu and select “Zoom Window”. That should bring the window back down to where you can grab the top bar. At least, it just worked for me in Word and Excel.

You can also close whatever toolbars are blocking your access to the document’s top bar, then go through View > Toolbars to get them back.

A third option is to use the “resize” square in the bottom right-hand corner of your document window to widen the window until you can get to the top bar. That works if your toolbars don’t extend across the entire width of your screen.

No, a Mac window can be grabbed on any border. MacOS is different from MSWindows that way.

In OSX just hit F9. That will shrink all the windows you have open and show them on the screen. Then just click on the doc you want.

Thanks for the advice. In my experience, you can’t grab a Mac window on every border.

I will try the zoom feature and Expose in the future. Also, Anap’s advice seems good.

There ought to be a right-clicky thing to do, however, that would bring the window forward (equivalent to the green dot); but there isn’t.

Only for “metal” windows; the non-metal “Aqua” ones can only be dragged by the title bar.

No, I don’t think it makes sense, either.

If you have a scroll wheel/middle button, map it to invoke Expose – you’ll find it indispensible inside of a week. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was one of the things that pissed me off about OSX and Aqua, the inability to just grab a window and move it like I used to in previous versions of the MacOS.

Question: Is it an urban legend that Steve Jobs went to scroll missed and moved a window in OS9, that led to Apple only allowing the title bar to be the “grab” OSX?

Probably not, since earlier versions of MacOS “Classic” would only let you grab the title bar as well. The “grab any side and drag it” didn’t really come along until the Mac’s “Copland” interface, IIRC.

I am so happy I found this thread. Losing the document above the screen has happened several times over the past year. Sometimes a restart would help; sometimes not. However, Fn9 worked immediately. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.