How do you install a swing lock?

This is a lock with a plate that is screwed into the door jamb. It has hinges on one side and a small metal piece that is then supposed to swing over in front of the door when it is closed. It is then supposed to prevent the door from being opened inward.

I’ve followed the directions but it doesn’t work. The metal piece swings over as it is supposed to, but it doesn’t catch. When I try to open the door the metal piece is pushed aside by the door. There is a little tiny screw I’m supposed to insert “to allow quick emergency door opening,” but I don’t understand how it relates to the operation of the lock.

I hope this description is clear enough. Any help appreciated!

And to think… I was gonna ask you why you would need to lock your swing! Visions of little urchins surreptitiously abusing your swingset. But seriously, I am familiar with quite a bit of hardware items though I’ve never heard of a swing lock. Sorry!

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With the door open try to swing the plate over. Once you have done this, try pushing in on the plate. If the plate does not move. Then you have screwed it to far in and when the door closes the door stops it from moving the full length and locking.
If I am thinking of the device you are describing. It works like this. The hinged plate is lifted up and swung 90 degrees to sit behind the door. to open you lift slightly and rotate plate back to align both plates (swing plate and mounted plate) in a line.

Is tough to tell ya what is going on but try it with the door open and let me know if that works. If it does not I may have a few more ideas.


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Your description sounds like what I’ve got, I think I understand what you are saying and I’ll start by trying what you suggested. Thank you!

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