How do you keep the futon from sliding down?

We now have a futon couch in the living room until we can get a real couch. It’s decent looking with a nice wooden frame, except that the damn futon keeps sliding down. Right now, there’s a 1’ gap between the top of the back of the couch frame and where the futon is; it’s also sticking out from the bottom of the couch, consequently.

Any hot tips on how to keep the futon in place? Or is this just a fact of life with futon couches?

Rubystreak, thank you for asking this question. No answers, but I have the same problem on the futon at my place! Will be looking forward to replies!

Doesn’t it have little thingies on the back, that tie onto the frame?

Mine used to do this, then it stopped. I think it just takes wearing in (I think you wear a bit of a crease in the filler so that it folds and stays). Also, you could try an eggcrate-foam-mattress-pad between the mattress and the frame. That seemed to help. Depending on your frame it could look like crap from the back (mine does), but if it’s primarily a couch, you could tuck a sheet or blanket or something between the mattress and frame and let it hang down the back.

You need a futon gripper. It’s a rubber mesh type material that goes between the futon pad and the frame. In fact, I have an almost brand new one bouncing around behind the seat in my pickup. It comes in handy to keep things from sliding around in the back of my truck on the plastic bedliner. Any futon retailer will have them.

The same stuff, cut in small squares, make very handy jar-openers. We lost our futon gripper in the move, and the slippage has been bugging me. If I could just remember that we need one the next time I’m at Target…