Way to prevent mattress from moving?

I have a day-bed type thing that can be used as a sofa or a bed. The problem for is that when you sit on it, the mattress keeps slipping forward. I’m wondering whether there might be a simple device or easy way to prevent that.

Any ideas?

I’d be willing to bet if you get those rubber grippy things for putting under rugs to keep them in one place, they would work if you put one under the mattress.

Assuming you don’t want to deal with something like velcro or deal with adding some hooks and loops or sewing in tethers (like inside a duvet cover), I think that would work best.

ETA, something like this. Even getting no slip tool box liner from harbor freight might work.

The frame doesn’t have a solid platform, though. It’s made from metal bars. Would it still work, you think?

I don’t know, it would depend on how many there are. There will have to be enough surface area for it to work. But for a couple of dollars it’s probably worth a try.

Try laying an old towel between the mattress and bars. This solved the problem on my super cheap twin bed so perhaps your daybed, too. It’s something you could probably try before shelling out any extra money on anything else.

Tie tights. You know the things where you put the strap through a little square hole and it locks in permanently. Most mattresses have a handle or grommet holes to run the thing through, and around a bar or rail. Do several. Should solve the problem.

I use an old yoga mat made out of the same type of nonskid material Joey P. is referring to in my couch to keep the cushions from slipping.