Serious Problem in Bed, Please Help!

So we recently purchased a new bed for our apartment in Paris. Because most buildings (our included) in the city are very old and have small stairways, it is common to find beds that come in two pieces (similar to this). Now the serious problem is as follows: when my partner and I attempt to use the bed for typical ‘recreational’ purposes, we are finding that it has a worrisome tendency to shift during moments of intense activity. While somewhat annoying, this in and of itself is not a serious problem, however, it appears that this situation is resulting in a noticeable scratching of the brand new hardwood floor.

Thus my question for the board is what can we do to prevent this from happening while continuing to enjoy recreational activities in bed?

Put felt pads under the furniture feet.

We’ve had similar problems with that kind of mattress/bed which rests only on feet, and we went for a platform top. It increases the both the weight of the bed and the contact area to the floor giving more friction to reduce the bed’s “wandering” under vigorous activity.

My wife was slightly embarrassed when we were shopping for a new bed and I checked the different beds’ tendency to “wander” under rather vigorous movements on top of the bed… :smiley:

Nitpick: Contact area does not affect friction.

I would opt for rubber instead of felt under the legs on hardwood.

Once upon a time, my wife and I stayed at a friend’s apartment for a couple of nights when she was gone.
After several minutes of vigorous co-mingling, we found that we had scooted the bed 15 feet across the room to the other side. On felt feet, on hardwood! :smiley:

That’s way classier than my “Put beer coasters under the furniture feet” plan.

If the problem is that the twin box springs are moving independently, I have seen some people us a large fabric strap to secure them together. Sorry, no example, Google failed me.

The box springs or the people?

Double nitpick: Contact area doesn’t affect frictional coefficient, but it does affect frictional force

Put the bed on a rug.

If you were Aussies, you’d occy the bed legs, have a beer, a test root, and then a celebratory beer because it worked. Or it didn’t.

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Damn right, Derleth - it’s all part of the fun!

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Only we’d call those “bungee cords”.

American English for “beer” is just “beer” though. :cool:

Felt feet on hardwood floors are terrific for furniture moving. You can move damn near anything by yourself if you’ve got felt feet on it.

For your situation, maybe not so much. Go with the rubber previously suggested.

FYI, you really want to put something under any furniture that may move around at all, to prevent scratching the floors. We felt the bottom of pretty much everything that comes in to the house.

I’d also figure out some way to strap those two pieces together. We’ve used ratchet straps around the legs to solve a similar problem when combining a couple of sleeper sofas into one bed.

I’ll bet that if the OP had titled the thread “keeping beds from sliding on hard floor” or something, it would not have received nearly the number of views it has now.

If the problem is the two halves of the bed are sliding apart, I think you’re looking for something like this:

It has both a strap that goes around both mattresses, and a plus bridge that smooths the seam between the mattresses. It’s possible you only need the strap.

If there is a will, there has to be a way.
Wonder what’s the bed manufacturers’ stand on this?

Not in an ideal friction model. The force of friction is proportional to the load, but independent of the area. Of course, if you add pads you are changing the coefficient of friction. Also, a larger area means lower force per area, so less scarring.

I think they’d say “Don’t stand - lie down!”