How do you know if you messed up a golf club?

Okay, I suppose this could be a general question as well, but seems more fitted to Cafe Society.

I just went out and played with some new clubs. I’m a bad golfer, and I’m really paranoid about “breaking” a club, ever since I sheared the head off of one the first time I went out and tried to play (I’m generally a bit better than that now, however).

So I’m swinging at the range, and my nightmare returns, I get a dip in my swing, come down way too early (and hard), and really chunk the club hard on the ground. Did you ever have one of those times when you “feel” like there is something wrong with the club, if you stare at it long enough, it kind of looks off somehow, but when you rationally compare it with other near clubs in the bag, you can’t find anything objectively off? That’s what I’ve got here.

Any better way to know whether a club is “off,” or just keep swinging with it until the head detaches and kills the guy next to me? :slight_smile:

Sure, I can understand that completely. A golf club is something of a precision tool, and, given the precise nature of golf anyway (not to mention the price of the club, perhaps), you’re going to think considerably about this.

I would take it to someone so they could look at it, though; no doubt they’ve seen this sort of thing before. If nothing else, ask the guy at the counter of your course’s pro shop if he could look at it.

I wouldn’t immediately worry, though. Those clubheads are held fast to the shaft with an epoxy bond that takes a blowtorch to compromise.