Golf clubs getting damaged in car trunk

Last spring, I bought a set of new irons, and within a couple months, I noticed that the club head on my six iron was rotated nearly 90 degrees, creating a separation between the neck and the hosel. I took it back to the store where I bought em, and the club repairer said knowingly, “Ah – you must keep your clubs in your trunk.”

The club being repaired and me being happy, I simply started being more careful about laying my bag in my trunk, not just throwing it in, and being religious about taking the clubs out when I’m not going to and from the range or the course. However, today I’ve noticed the same sort of separation on my five iron.

Dopers, how the heck am I supposed to carry golf clubs in my trunk the “proper” way? I’ve googled and come up empty so far.

Are you keeping them in the trunk, or just transporting them occasionally?

[QUOTE=RavenmanDopers, how the heck am I supposed to carry golf clubs in my trunk the “proper” way? I’ve googled and come up empty so far.[/QUOTE]

I think you got some crappy clubs. I know a lot of golfers (I’m one myself) and I’ve never heard of this happening even once.

It’s the clubs.

I live in Canada and my clubs never leave my trunk from April til Nov.

Never had this problem. Nener even heard of it.

If it happens again, I’d be back to where I bought them and demand a better explaination or a new set of clubs.

I’ve heard a lot of excuses for slicing the ball but a 90 degree warp in the golf club??? . . . that’s a new one!

Maybe you need to have a pro take a look at the way you are gripping the club.

(Sorry, but I couldn’t resist busting your chops over this one.) :smiley:


Like gommsn, I too live in Canada and leave my clubs in my car through the summer months.

While I have not experienced this same problem, I have always been concerned about my clubs lying on their side in my trunk or back seat as im afraid all the weight will be put on my driver’s shaft. Now, when i put my bag on its side in the car, I will always put something under the top part of my golf bag, like my golf shoes, or even a shoe box, just to keep pressure off the club heads.

Hope this helps!

I was cautioned not to keep my clubs in the trunk in the summer because the extreme temperature can soften the adhesive that holds the club head on. I suspect that the cement let go and allowed the head to turn.

My clubs are in the trunk almost 24x7x365 and they have been for years (as well as many of my golfing friends). Never heard of any such trunk related damage. What brand are they?

You keep your golf friends in the trunk? Jeeze, they must be zombies by now.

I got new golf clubs five years ago and haven’t had the same problem again.