What are golf club covers for?`

I’m not a golfer, so I hope you’ll forgive my ignorance. What are the various type of bag that golfers keep on their club heads supposed to accomplish? The clubs don’t seem fragile in any way so it probably isn’t for protection from bumping into one another, and I can’t see how keeping them warm would affect the game (even though a lot of these covers look like little knit ski caps). I notice that if not all the clubs have covers, usually it’s the drivers that get the one or two that are there.

Actually, the clubs are a bit delicate to a certain extent. The covers keep the club faces from being banged around against the edges of the other club heads. Drivers are especially cared for because imperfections/dents/cuts/etc on the face can have quite an adverse affect on the ball considering the long flight time and relatively low spin a driver imparts. Also, many driver covers have a long sleeve on them, which is mainly for protecting graphite shafts. Getting a nick on them can create a nice weak spot for them to break, and if you pay a couple hundred bucks for a top line driver, you don’t want to take chances.

Golf club covers exist so friends of people who play golf have an easy thing to buy them for Christmas.

I’ve lost most of mine.

Basically what Turbo Dog said. Back in the old days, the “wood” clubs were made of wood and could get dinged up by the irons in the bag. Today the main thing to protect is the graphite/composite shafts. ((Ha, T-dog, couple hundred… I got my Great BB on sale for $199 last November. The new Nike is out for $399, and the Callaway ERCII was $499 when it debuted))