"How Do You Know" = Total Suck

Just thought I’d mention it.

Just a giant piece of confused, confusing, stupid, uninteresting, dumb, terrible what were they thinking craptastic.

Is this a TV series? A magazine? A movie?
I don’t know!!!

Movie, released last December.
“How Do You Know”

The film is also infamous for having a ludicrously overblown production cost (around $120 million), very little of which was recouped.

$120 million for a romantic comedy? What the hell did they spend that money on? Full-on explosive action movies can get made for less than a quarter of that! Argh!

Fun facts to be learnt from the Wikipedia page for this film: they spent $50 million on the main cast/director and made $42,861,997 worldwide at the box office.

Oh dear.

I’m not going to go to the mat for this film because, yeah, it’s pretty much a mess. But I do want to say that I saw it and I didn’t hate it.

I get dragged to a lot of romantic comedies (I like my wife, and I like going to the movies with her, even if our tastes don’t always match up :)), so any rom-com that breaks from the usual lazy, predictable, by-the-numbers plot is OK by me. Nobody tells any stupid lies about their occupation or marital status, there are no wacky misunderstandings or overheard conversations or accidentally-discovered secrets to drive an artificial wedge between the characters. The romantic rival is not an irredeemable boor.

It’s true that the script was bloated and the story seemed to be going in ten different directions at once. But stripped to its core, it’s a simple story about two people trying to figure out what they want, and I ended up liking both Rudd’s and Witherspoon’s characters. It’s a shame it wasn’t more focused, but I’ll give some points for defying the standard rom-com formula.

And Jack Nicholson would be fun to watch reading the phone book.

Help them climb OUT of the pile of lemons that live has handed them? I thought being handed lemons was a good thing. You make lemonade out of them?

ETA: Or, wait, did all this time the lemons in that expression refer to lame/bad things? As in a terrible car is a lemon? That saying has gone over my head my whole life then…

If life gives you lemons, you can squeeze the juice into your enemy’s eyes and conquer them.

If life gives you melons, you should have yourself tested for dyslexia.

My wife and I watched this (and The Switch) on PPV this weekend, and I was left with a bit of a “meh” feeling. I didn’t care for Witherspoon’s character much. I can’t exactly explain why, but her borderline self-loathing put me off a bit, I guess. That and her apparent inability to recognize that her relationship with Wilson was a bad thing. And since she was a softball player, I think they tried to make her character a bit too…abrasive and masculine than the characters I’m used to seeing her play. I half expected her to put a big chaw of Red Man in her mouth and spit on the floor.

That being said, I find Reese Witherspoon to be absolutely yummy.

I enjoyed The Switch though.

It’s a shame this movie turned out so bad. James L. Brooks wrote and directed one of my favorite movies of the 80s, Broadcast News.

Are you serious, or am I being whooshed? Because I used to not understand this expression either, since I thought lemons were tasty, until my wife explained that most people find lemons way too sour, so the whole “when life gives you lemons” part meant “when bad things happen to you.”

So if you’re serious here, you’re not alone. And if you were making a joke, I’ve been whooshed AND confessed to an episode of my own ignorance as well, all for no reason. :slight_smile:

I’m serious. I knew that making lemonade was a good thing but the whole “Lemon=bad” thing never occurred to me till just now. So making lemonade means making the best of a bad situation. I’m glad I’m not alone!

My wife and I watched it and we were left wanting more. Too bad too. I like Witherspoon and Rudd; but they didn’t really have a spark in the movie. Plus I never got the feeling that things were going to be ‘OK’ with Paul Rudd. In a RomCom you want to at least believe that the bad stuff has worked itself out. Meh

I had an elderly relative who used “lemon” for something bad and “peach” for something good. (Sour vs. sweet)

So the crappy car is a lemon, but her new electronic mixer was a peach.

I thought it was fine, yet disposable rom-com. But $120 million, that is just ridiculous.

Do you mean it’s not clear whether or not he experienced enough personal growth to be able to have a healthy relationship?

Or do you mean it’s not clear whether or not he’s going to jail.

They make it clear at the end that Nicholson is going to voluntarily take the fall for all the legal stuff and Rudd will be cleared by Nicholson’s confession.