How do you make a hormone? Thoughts about HRT.

Not THAT kind of moaning whore. The other kind…as in a woman’s body.

Let me preface this by saying I am not seeking medical advice. I have consulted my physician prior to posting this thread.

Within the past six weeks, I’ve been thrust into menopause via surgery and now I’m faced with the incredibly complex and confusing situation of hormone replacement therapy. Do I take hormones or not? Synthetic hormones or bio-idential hormones? What happens if I do take them? If I don’t? ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!

I’m looking for personal related stories from anyone who has gone through menopause (or known of someone who has–wife, sister, close friend, etc.) who can tell me why she choose what she choose and if she’d do anything differently.

Right now, symptoms are pretty much contained with Estroven (over the counter), but while my GYN surgeon says it’s okay to put off taking hormones (until I feel like I “need” them), my regular GYN (RNP/midwife) wants me to go on them NOW because it will damage my bone if I don’t. (Even though I’m getting about 1,500 mg of calcium a day–the recommended dosage for a post menopausal women). I did a search on the web, but there is TOO MUCH INFORMATION OUT THERE! :mad:

I don’t know who to believe, but I do know that I’ve relied on my doper friends to give me their two-cents in times past. I’m counting on you all.