How do you make a YouTube video with still images?

I’m talking about the kind where a song is played, and still images are shown with different transitions, such as this one. There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of videos like this on YouTube, so how do these people make them? I have a song. I have images. I have a computer. I have net access. I have a YouTube account. What’s the missing ingredient that I need to put all these things together to make a video I can upload? I’ve written to some of the people who have these kinds of videos up, but no one has ever gotten back to me.

Btw, I realize that most of these would be considered copyright violations. I don’t have that problem because I have the artist’s permission.

I am pretty sure that programs like Windows Movie Maker let you use still images in the same way that you use clips.

Thanks for the tip, but I can’t buy a Windows program. Are there any freeware, or at least shareware programs that will do the same thing?

Windows Movie Maker is free, it comes already installed with (at least) XP and above.

What operating system are you running? has lots and lots of free programs, including Movie Maker for XP and Vista.

If Movie Maker doesn’t do it for you, thislooks promising, but I haven’t tried it.

Sorry, I’ve been away from my computer since I posted this morning. Brandon, I am running XP, and…

Well what do you know! I had no idea. I just checked and sure enough! And here, I had it under my nose all this time. sheepish

TWDuke, thank you for the other tips. They’ll come in handy.

Please, for the love of Og, learn how to do panning and zooming on those still photos. Judicious use of the “Ken Burn Effect” can make a series of stills actually watchable.

Another good program for creating nice slide shows in movie format is Photo Story, free from Microsoft. See here.

It is pretty easy to figure out, and gives you some nice pan and zoom effects, as well as being easy to add music to and all that. I use it with my digital photography students (grades 3-5) and they love the bit where you can create your own music.

I thought these movies were just Microsoft Powerpoint slide presentations. You should also have Powerpoint pre-installed.

Whooo, did it! Thanks again for the help everyone!

Here’s my first try. I even learned how to add subtitles (they can be turned off and on).

Uh, er, sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to do that. I’ll keep playing around with it though.