How do you make Vietnamese coffee?

Can someone give me a method/recipe? I believe it involves sweetened condensed milk. Thanks.

The first thing you need is coffee which is mixed with Chicory. There is a brand you can sometimes find that comes from New Orleans (also occupied by the French) called Cafe du Monde, or you can try a specialty coffee store. You don’t want plain coffee, and you don’t want straight chicory. You want the mix of the two.

So then you make your coffee-and-chicory, the same as you would coffee, except you make it extremely strong. Even better if you have an espresso machine, you can make it as espresso & use 2 shots. But if you don’t, just make ultra strong coffee.

Then you mix in a couple tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk. If you put it in the glass before the milk, it would be around 1/4" deep.


Use a tall glass with plenty of ice cubes in the summer. Noms!

The Vietnamese drink dark coffee? I guess the French were quite keen on giving the stuff to their colonies.

Stick a Q-Tip in his ear.