How do you make your guacamole?

Roomie made guacamole the other day. She says she wants to taste the avocado, so she doesn’t put much in it. Only some mayo and some garlic powder. I liked it, but I admit I added some Tapatio.

Today I decided to experiment for myself. I loves me some guac, but I don’t make it. So I used one avocado, some sour cream, some crushed garlic, some Tapatio, and a bit of lemon juice. Not bad. I liked roomie’s better.

How do you make yours?

garlic salt, tabasco sauce and lemon juice.

Basically, homemade pico de gallo + avocado.

Great username/recipe juxtaposition. :slight_smile:

Yeah, this. And the time to make it is determined by the ripeness of the avocados.

Keep the dairy products far away.

  1. Mush up avocados.
  2. Add salsa.
  3. Stir a bit.
  4. Consume.

Avocados, salt, lime juice, onions, tomatoes (I like my guac heavy on the tomatoes), chopped cilantro.

Avocado, salt, lime juice, garlic, onions, tomatoes, Tapatio. I like mine with a little kick to it.

Well, I got the garlic and Tapatio right.

I’m reading this with interest, because my mom made some over Christmas break, and we both agreed that there was something missing in it, but neither of us could figure out what. We didn’t use any mayo or sour cream; might that have been it?

IIRC, it was avocado, lime juice, garlic, and a little hot sauce (I thought it could have stood to be hotter, but that wasn’t what was missing). There might have been some onion in it, too.

2 avocado, mashed coarsely.
1 Tb minced onion or scallion
1 jalapeno, minced (more or less depending on how hot the pepper is)
chopped cilantro if I have it on hand

Smush it all together a bit, squeeze lime juice over it, come back in about 10-20 minutes, mix in the lime juice, eat

I like mine chunky and spicy.

lime juice (mix in quickly to prevent the avocado from going brown)
diced onion
diced tomato
minced garlic
minced jalapeno
chili powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, salt, black pepper
A wee tiny bit of sour cream

Avocado, garlic, olive oil, chili, lime juice, salt. Optional extras: spring onion, coriander, tomato.

Avocado, lemon juice, garlic powder.

If I’m feeling wild I might chop up a little onion or cilantro and add that.

Sour cream or Mayo in guac is blasphemy.

Chronos, what you are probably missing is cilantro. Personally I hate cilantro, tastes like soap, but some people (the genetic freaks that walk among us) seem to like it.


Mayo in guacamole? Bizarre.

I like garlic, red onion, jalapenos, tomato, a pinch of salt, and cilantro in mine.

Four parts avocado to one part tomato, mashed. I then add a a few tablespoons each of olive oil and lemon juice, a bit of garlic powder, some chopped cilantro, and a dash of hot sauce.

No, that’s not it. I taste the soapy cilantro flavor, too (though not so strongly that I can’t handle it in moderation), and it wouldn’t have been improved by it.

I’m almost sure what you were missing was salt, Chronos.

But then I’m really surprised at all the different answers. I thought most guacamole was made essentially the same way. Here’s how I do mine, on the rare occasions I make it:

-Mash up avocado.
-Juice lime.
-Add the juice to the avocado.
-Crush a garlic clove in.
-Add salt.

I use a lot of lime juice, because I love lime and don’t eat it often enough. But that results in avocado that tears up the inside of my mouth. So I don’t eat it often enough.

To further expand on this, here’s a video of the general recipe.

Basically 2 avocados
about a cup of chopped ripe tomatoes
chopped jalapenos (or serranos) to your taste
about 2-3 tablespoons or so of chopped white onion
chopped cilantro
1/2 teaspoon of Mexican oregano (I usually don’t add this myself)
half a juicy lime
salt to taste

Sorry for the vague proportions–she doesn’t give them in her recipe, and I just do it to taste. That should get you in the right ballpark.

I will sometimes also add a clove of garlic or two. Definitely no mayo or any dairy products. Avocados are already rich and creamy enough–they don’t need any help in the “butteriness” department.

I also do the avocados-lime-garlic-salt version of guacamole, as well.