How do you 'message board' better?

While I’ve occasionally read TSD, I’ve never actually posted until now. However, this seems like the best place to post such a ponderance. I read and post to quite a few profession-related message boards. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen into the trap of, perhaps, posting too much on one or two boards.

For professional message boards, especially ones populated by quite a few paid academics, there lacks a rigor to the depth and insight of these message boards. While I do understand many people like to spend time with “thinking, feeling” type subjects, these “seasoned professionals” and “professors” really love to use their positions of superiority to press their ideas through without any real insight or hard data (read: citations).

Now, these professions aren’t necessarily the humanities or economics. I can understand that perhaps the subjects may have no real factual merit. Some of these subjects, though, are explored in different fields with different methodologies.

I keep getting called “tedious,” “pretentious” and “trying to sound smart.” This is usually because someone asks a question that has no true answer. In turn, I end up calling them out on their philosophical garbage, tell them the subject is probably fruitless and then call up a few citations to support my argument.

Am I a terrible person? Or do I just hang out with e-idiots?


Here’s a quick question to find out if you’re stuck with e-idiots: Do people with larger post counts act superior, as if the board revolves around them? If so, the board is populated, nay, infested with e-idiots.

And I say that with all the authority my 8,000+ posts give me. :stuck_out_tongue: