How do you organize all your clutter

Even though I clean my apartment (pick up clutter, vacuum, clean bathroom, etc etc) my closets are still full of disorganized junk that I have no idea how to organize.

I really have no idea how to organize it. I don’t want to throw it out or sell it at a garage sale. But it is such a diverse collection of junk (maybe 3-4 total medium to large boxes worth) that I have no idea how to organize it so it is presentable and/or so I can find something if I need it.

How do other people deal with this issue, assuming you’ve already thrown out or sold whatever you don’t want or need. Is getting 20 or so small to medium boxes, labeling them on the outside (light bulbs, ergonomics gear, car parts, electronics, etc) and stacking them on a shelf the way to go?

I was going to title this thread ‘How do you organize all your junk’ but figured I’d get a bunch of genital oriented responses. I can generate my own dick references, thank you.

Yes I have part of my stuff organized that way. For smaller stuff you might use something like peanut butter plastic jars for screws, bolts…

Check out the Container Store’s website for ideas on how to organize and what you might want/need in order to do so. I linked to the closet portion, but there’s a garage portion, too, if you need a “garage” closet with sturdier shelves a boxes for heavier/clunky/grubby things.

I have a large collection of stuff stored in about a hundred boxes. I list a lot of it on Ebay, but hardly anyone seems to be buying anything nowadays… just a bunch of watchers. I’ll try selling some of it in spring garage sales.

Yes, I have labelled boxes. I still need one box that just says “random shit”.

Can you tell us specifically what the stuff is? That helps for how you can organise. I have boxes with spare wires, spare electronics, paint stuff, crafts, presents & cards & wrapping… etc. Then extra clothes and sheets and things I have in vacuum bags (that always reinflate, bane of my life).

Also, (don’t make fun of me) Pinterest sometimes has good ideas for storage, especially for aesthetic ways of storing things. You have to wade through some crazy stuff and it skews towards storing your necklaces, but it is full of inspiration. It just makes you look at hooks and baskets in a different way, which can be helpful. Type in “storage ideas” or “organizing” in the bar at the top.