How DO YOU Picture God?

Despite all my efforts, sometimes I have a picture of God that is not too flattering…remember that “Far Side” cartoon? The one that shows God at his computer? It shows God (white beard) watching some dopey mortal (who is walking under a piano being raise up a building…the rope has snapped, and the poor schmuchk is about to be crushed. God is pressing a key on the board labelled"SMITE".
Is this your picture of God…sorta like a clestial trickster?

I picture a non-descript image floating above a bunch of guys lying on pillows in an opium den somewhere in Bejing.

I keep picturing a 20-something year old guy watching baywatch, sitting on a leather lazyboy, masturbating and eating motza sticks.

Then again I’m an athiest and I have issues with the bulk of humanity.

Who’s this “God” character?

Usual beard in the sky, sort of scary but comforting at the same time.

I picture him exactly like this.

I use a wide angle lens. He’s big.

A giant hat.

Neuroman, that picture was pretty “goddy”. I’m a’scared!

I picture God as a somewhat short stocky white man in his mid thirties with a full head of short brown hair parted on the left, brown eyes, and a short, neatly trimmed brown beard. He wears a pale yellow robe.

I have no idea how I formulated this image…

I see etherial light and smoke…no physical form.

The image changes a lot. Lately, God looks a lot like Robert Fulghum to me.

I don’t have an image in my mind. I don’t want to develop an image of God and then find myself praying as much to that as I am go God.

This is why I also don’t have pictures of Jesus or anything. I want no human’s vision as to what he would have looked like either.

For some people, images of God(whichever they believe) in tend to take over the actual God.

Who Is This ‘God’ Person Anyway?
–Oolon Colluphid

If God had a face
what would it look like
and would you want to see
if seeing meant that you would
have to believe
in things like heaven
and in Jesus and the saints
and all the prophets?

–Eric Bazilian

Sorry, no very clear image here. :slight_smile:

Being an atheist, I really don’t buy the whole “Heavenly Father” thing, but when I picture my version of a “higher power” I think of nature and the universe itself. Gaia and Ouranos. Mother Earth and Father Heaven. Not as actual entities but as ideas. Natural forces which shape our very lives. Don’t even get me started on Chaos. :wink:

From the back.

This guy. With “the fight song” playing as he sends people to hell for driving a red car on a tuesday.

And he would make a good angel, if god looks like cthulu.

And this would probably be satan

George Burns, of course.

We had this as an assignment in theology last year–draw a picture of God. Being agnostic at that time, I drew a picture of the solar system and wrote in tiny little letters at the bottom, “If God exists, then he is in everything,” so as not to offend the die-hard Catholics who were present.

One girl turned in a blank piece of paper. The theology teacher gave her a zero because she didn’t give an explaination for it.