How Do You "Pre-Scroll" A Link?

Let’s say you want to link to a very lenghty page and the information you want people to see is half-way down. How do you make it so that when people click on the link, they go straight to your info instead of the top of the page? It must be possible as I saw someone else do it but I don’t remember the thread.

Good question. I just figured this one out.

First thing you need to do is get the Post ID number of the post you wanna link to. Move your cursor over (you don’t have to click) the “quote” button below the post you want to link to. When you do this you should see a big URL in the status bar at the bottom of your browser. It looks like this.

At the end of this URL is the Post ID number. For example, Rat, your post in this thread has the ID 1127763. Remember that number.

Then all you need to do is enter the following URL into the browser…

…where you replace both of the X’s with your Post ID number. So to link directly to your post, KR, you’d provide the following URL:

Tada. Of course the effect is much more useful for posts in the middle of threads.

This only works if the page you’re linking to already has markers for those links built-in. vB conveniently does this (though for its own purposes, not ours), but many pages at other sites might not.

I have to try this.


Yep, it works just fine. Thanks, Arnie Winky! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, marvelous moderators. I will certainly use that technique but I had something different in mind. I’ve looked hard for the post in question but can’t find it. It was at least a month ago. I should have asked the poster at the time! This guy linked to a very lenghty page outside the SDMB. He wanted to show a quote from Shakespeare (I’ve already tried to find the post that way) and when you clicked the link, you were taken to the middle of the page (you could see the scroll bar was already half way down). Now maybe I’m all wet here and he was able to “select” this quote on the site itself which took him to the middle of a page and therefore the URL would do the same.

I do like your answers, though!:slight_smile:

These are called “anchors”.
They have to be built into the page before you reference it.

If you click on the ?[sub]faq[/sub] icon at the top of this page, you will see a page like this.

Here’s the whole page:

Here’s a sample link to the topic “How can I change my profile information?” taken from that list:

Here’s a definition

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