How Do You Prefer to Spend a Saturday?

With the holidays fast upon us, my bf and I find our holiday weekends to be very busy. And although fun, it’s a little unsettling not to have any “free” Saturdays for several weeks.

So, I’m wondering: if you had a Saturday all to yourself, how would you spend the day? How would it differ if it was a day alone with your SO? A day with you, your SO and correlating children (with them not having any games/practices/etc.)?

Walk us through if you can :slight_smile:

Noonish–wake up, bathroom/smoke/caffine

Afternoon until sleepy again–football, internet, TV, punctuated by consumption of intoxicants.

No SO to speak of right now, so a good Saturday for me means not having to be at work. Ideally, I’ve got time to veg at home, have a casual breakfast, goof around on the computer a bit, maybe get in a little exercise, some grocery shopping, and then do dinner and a movie with friends. I’ve also been chatting on the phone a lot more lately than usual, so I’d probably do some of that as well.

A day with the SO:
-Wake up about 6:45 spooning my wife, which results in sex.
-Go for a five mile run.
-Home for a bacon, egg, cheese & tomato burrito, with coffee & OJ.
-Spend a few hours building something in the shop.
-Back to the shop to putter & build things, unless a good college football game is on.
-Clean up & go out to dinner.
-A glass of wine, read a bit, maybe some TV.
-Another glass of wine.
-Up to bed for more sex
-Sleep by midnight.

A day with SO and kids:
-Identical. (kids usually spend Saturday playing with each other or neighborhood kids while my wife & I tend to house & other things; Sunday is our family togetherness day.)

A day by myself:
-Identical, but the sex is solo.

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Sleep till 2 PM, quilt until 10 or 11 with a frozen pizza in there somewhere, read till sleep.


Sleep till 2 PM, see a matinee, quilt until 10 or 11 with a frozen pizza in there somewhere, read till sleep.


Repeat on Sunday


I wake up when I’m done sleeping.

Then it’s guitar, video games, internet, maybe make some clothes or furniture or food, maybe go hiking or play some pinball… all punctuated by consumption of intoxicants.

But, what’s this “Saturday” thing? This is what I do every day.

A great Saturday:

Up early (7 ish), dress and go to gym.

After gym, off to a nice cafe downtown for breakfast.

Then home to enjoy a good book for a few hours, followed by making myself a good lunch.

Long nap.

Another shower and dressed, then meet friends for dinner and a movie in the evening.

I like the simple things.

Morning: Old Cartoons and lots of ice-cold chocolate milk

Afternoon: A friendly soccer game

Evening: A round of good ol’ guitar playin’-singin’ with lots of beer

Night-Time: Snuggled up and spoonin’ with D.

Don’t ask me about Sundays. It would just piss my pretty D off to read all the excuses I have ready NOT to go to church.



No SO/kids.

March-November…Sleep in 'til 9:00, drive two hours to go kayaking, paddle three-four hours, drive home, unload gear while drinking the first of several beers. Eat pizza. Watch movie. Internet. Sleep. Repeat on Sunday.

November-March…Sleep 'til 10ish, internet, housework, guitar, beer, more internet, movies, sleep. Repeat on Sunday.

eating or making something to eat…Have you ever made Yogurt cheese, fantastic.
playing on the computer (not games,… programming)
not in that order, repeat as time allows.:slight_smile:

Alone: sleep til I wake up, check my email/facebook/here (I go to bed much earlier than most of my friends do), slowly eat breakfast and take my time getting ready, read, play the piano, clean, tv, internet, catch up on DVR’d shows, eat when hungry, go to bed when tired.

SO: sleep in, spend the morning relaxing in bed til we realize we really should get up and eat breakfast (probably now lunchtime), shower, play xbox (his place) or watch a movie (mine), take a nap, take a walk or at least go outside and talk, read to each other or maybe just different books at the same time, snuggle, sleep. possibly taking out all the stuff in the middle if there is a sporting event.

Alone: beer, cigarettes, Internet. Sometimes a DVD.

SO: She works on Saturday and Sunday so I follow the “alone” plan until she finishes in the early evening. I take the bus to her office, shoot the breeze with her and her co-workers for a while until she’s ready, then we usually have dinner outside. After that we might pick up a new movie (we’re both big film buffs), buy a bunch of bad-for-you junk food, make up a little bed on the floor in front of the TV and pig out while we watch. Then we both pass out.

Sometimes we modify the “dinner outside” by setting up a time and place and then meeting there on our own. On those nights we also pretend we don’t know each other and I’ll walk up to her and say, “Excuse me. I noticed you were eating alone. May I join you?” Or she’ll say, “You know, I saw you through the window and you seemed lonely. I thought you could use some company.” This is followed by telling each other our life stories like it was a first date. It’s cute.

If we’re not up for any of that, we snuggle in bed and read a book together then discuss it.

I love reading this - thanks everyone for sharing :slight_smile:

My favorite Saturdays are the ones where there’s nothing happening and nowhere to be.

My girlfriend and I wake up when we wake up, canoodle for a while, then she takes a shower and checks email while I make breakfast for us. Frequently, the menu will be bacon, grits or oatmeal from the slow-cooker, eggs, and coffee. We eat breakfast while watching GSN (or, as GSN has recently clusterf&cked their weekend, something else, often the homebuying porn she enjoys watching). Then we can spend the whole day alternately watching DVDs and checking to make sure the bed still works. Nosh for lunch and something easy for dinner like going out, then it’s time for more canoodling.

Man, I’m looking forward to having a Saturday off again soon with nothing to do. :slight_smile:

Sleep until 10 or 11AM, e-mail, lunch, do a few things around the house, video games or movies, sex interspersed in there once or twice.

I’m surprised at how late people sleep. The longer I sleep on weekends, the quicker comes Monday morning. I prefer minimal sleep on weekends so I can spend as much time as possible doing things I enjoy; it makes the weekend last so much longer.

If you sleep late, do you then stay up until 3 a.m.?

For me, “sleeping late” for me is usually 8:30 or 9:00. My back rarely lets me stay horizontal much longer than that. Of course, if I was up until 3:00 the night before, it could be more like 11:00.

I suffer from insomnia. It takes me a long time to sleep some nights - and then when I do finally fall asleep, the alarm goes off and I have to get up (well, after I hit snooze about 6 times.)

So for me, sleeping in on the weekends allows me to make up all those hours I lost during the week. And like Knead, my version of “sleep in” doesn’t always mean 11 AM or so. But I might lounge in bed until 11 AM or sit up in bed, partially snuggled in blankets, watching tv or enjoying the company of my SO.