How do you print multiple envelopes in Word 2003?

I usually just address one envelope at a time. But I have a quarterly insurance payment and need to print 4 envelopes with the same address.

Under Tools, Envelopes/Labels I fill out the Address. Print and the box goes away with my information. :rolleyes: You never get the Print box where you can select multiple copies. There’s a Options box in the Address Box but the only options are for envelope size and manual feed.

Re-entering the address over and over again sucks and it’s error prone.

Help please?

I typed in the envelope address the second time and selected/copied to Notepad. So I could just paste it for the other copies. But, I forgot to make the Font bigger. :smack: I’m not wasting 3 legal size envelopes just for a bigger font.

By default Word uses a font size 12 for envelopes. Which is a bit too small for a legal envelope. I like to right click and change the Font size to 14. I did it on the first envelope and forgot on the other three.

There’s got to be a way to print multiple copies of an addressed envelope.

Set up a document to print envelopes, and skip the Helpful Word Feature. That way, you have a whole doc full of the envelope addresses for repeat mailings, and far more control over the font, positioning, etc.

That jogged my memory. Thanks.

Add to document saves the envelope as part of the document. It’s been a long time since I’ve needed to do that. You actually get a document with an envelope at the top and a blank page for the letter.

I use laser labels.
Just way easier than trying to get envelope printing working.

It’s really not too small. Mostly the address is going to be read by a machine and it can handle twelve-point text.

It looks small compared to my big ole sloppy handwriting. :smiley: I guess for computer printing 12 is ok.

I print off a couple sheets of return address labels every year. Use them on my bills and other letters that I mail. I hate filling out the return address on a bill by hand.