How do you pronounce "biopic"?

I’ve always pronounced it (in my head) as rhyming with “myopic”, with a short ‘o’ sound. But now I realize that it could be pronounced like “bio - pick”.

The second way, because it’s BIOgraphical PICture. People use “bio” as a slangy abbreviation for “biography.” I don’t know why they don’t say “bio flick,” though.

When I was a kid, I used the see the word “miniseries” before I ever heard it pronounced, and not even knowing what it was I though it was min-IZ-er-eez (a little like rotisseries).

What **CookingWithGas **said:

It comes from film industry slang, and they don’t call movies “flicks” much. “Biopic” should really be hyphenated (bio-pic) to make things clear(er).

Don’t feel bad. I know someone who still talks about that Irish travel and accomodations website. You know, “Travel O’City.”

I say byopic knowing full well it’s wrong. I can’t break the habit.

I see what you did there… :slight_smile:

Though the standard is “bio pick” I prefer “byopic” my self. I just like the way it sounds better, don’t know why.


Is there a factual question here?

Mods, maybe this goes in GD, under “polls”?

Me too.

Yes, there is a factual question. I wanted to know how to say biopic. I always said it like myopic, too, but knowing what it meant, felt it must be wrong. That’s the question at the top and that’s the question that was answered. BTW, thank you all for the answers. I’m kind of glad to know that I’m not the only one who said biopic like myopic!

Next question: How do you say the word “barfly”?
I pronounce it as an adverb, myself.

Just like when I encounter the word “awry,” my brain wants to pronounce it “AW-ree.”

Did NPR’s Cloudy O’Sanchez ever report on that?

I pronounce it ZOM-bee.