How do you pronounce "coupon"?

For the last time, how do you pronounce “coupon”?!

Coo-pon… Never use the darn things…

^ What **Trinopus **said!

Dreadfully tinny word. But I pronounce it Coooo-pon.

Think I’ll have a bath.

I don’t use them either, but I pronounce it the way I was taught to, Cue-pon. Maybe it comes from my weird mix of yooperisms in my speech.

Coo pn

Que pahn is how I learned to say it, but I hear coo pahn so much now that I think I say it that way sometimes.

It’s actually a weird obsession of mine to listen to how people say it. It fascinates me.

This was one of the three big pronunciation differences I had from my mom, and she would always wince when I said it around her. COO-pon vs. KYU-pon.

The other two? Envelope and Nazi. My pronunciations: AHN-vuh-lope, NAH-tzee. Hers: IN-vul-ope, NAH-ksi.

Under normal conditions, “COO-pon.”

When I want to amuse myself, I use the Ron White pronunciation: “COO-pn.” (Explanatory YouTube link; SFW)

I pronounced “que-pon” in my head as if it was Spanish and my immediate reaction was “that’s a thing? Damn Americans destroying our language blah blah blah”.

Apologies all round.

I was raised to say it with /kju:/ but I decided I didn’t want to any more, so now I say it with /ku:/. Yod-dropping American.

cue-pon. Born and raised in southeastern Ohio.

And I was going to say that a lot of Yankees voted in this poll…


Oh, yeah, the OP.
cue pon


But I would pronounce “que-pon” as “kwe-pon,” because “qu” has a “kw” sound.

I say “kyoo-pon,” but I voted “some other weird way” because I thought the same thing as amanset: “Who the hell says capon for coupon”?

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, where the normal pronunciation had /kju:/, but I decided I wasn’t bound by that. I admit I often have a weakness for spelling pronunciations (but that does not extend to often, where the t is not pronounced!) and was influenced by the spelling, which does not actually lend itself to /kju:/.

That’s why many of us use IPA.

Cue-pon. Born and raised in SE MI.

Did that one a mere 5 months ago.

The intervening months have done nothing to make cue-pon woody and, therefore, acceptable.

…in 2011?