How do you pronounce coyote?




Kai-oh-tea. Of course, I learned how to pronounce it from Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner cartoons.

Wile E Coyote, Super Genius!

Chose the fourth option, but it comes out of my mouth sounding more like kahi-yote-ee and the first syllable is very Southern - kind of hard to describe, and the t is more of a t/d.

#2 although I’m more in the outer reaches of suburbia than living in the big city. But I’m guessing that counts under your definition of “urban”.

Also, we have a lot of coyotes around here.

My grandmother pronounced it kai-yute. Never knew where that came from.

Chose the fourth, but it’s not quite on. Like Shelli, the “t” comes out more like a “d”. My pronunciation was set while growing up in rural Louisiana.

Oh, and I also pronounce it…déjà vu: How do YOU pronounce “coyote”?

I picked the 4th option, even though I’m an urbanite. I learned how to pronounce it while I lived in the suburbs.

I picked the 2nd, but pronounce it more kai-yo-tea

I’ve also heard COY-yote.

But I’m a kai-YO-tee sayer and I’m a bumpkin. :smiley:

Coy-Oh-tay. But then I live in the Southwest where there is a strong Hispanic influence.

I’m on the edge of suburbia, and I pronounce it both ways. Really depends on my mood.

Do the suburbs count as urban or rural?

I grew up in West Texas and we all said kai oat.
The Mexicans pronounced it the other way.

Depends on the context, a Kai-oat is the mangy dog like creature that I feel should be exterminated from the earth. A coy-o-teh is a person who specializes in moving humans from one side of the border to the other.

Grew up and went to college in rural Texas, now work in downtown Houston, urban and rural are flexible terms for me.

If you can throw rocks at your neighbors, you’ll be urban.

My dad pronounces it that way, too (grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan). I use the Warner Bros. version.

Yep, rural Manitoba. It sounds more like ‘kite’ than anything else, there’s just a hint of a ‘u’ diphthong before the ‘t’. Has to be one syllable, though.

I used to say it with three syllables (the same as Wile E.), but around here folks more often use the two-syllable version, and I figure they’d know better than I.

Mine says COY yuh teh and I have noticed I say it like that too. Except when I call it “wolf”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Co-Yo-tay, so didn’t vote.