How do you pronounce particular?

I’m from Kansas City, and pronounce it par-tick-u-lar. I’m a big fan of President Obama, but the way he pronounces the word grates on me, almost as much as GW Bush’s pronunciation of nuclear. He says par-tick-lar.

I say it like you do, gaffa. And Obama says a lot of things in ways that would never occur to me to. I figure it’s simply regional variance at play.


No, not really. I say it the same as the OP. But then I’m not American so my input probably doesn’t apply.

“Par-tick-u-lar,” like the OP. Grew up in West Texas, but I think my cohorts all said “par-tick-lar.” I think my pronunciations were influenced a lot by my southern-California father.

Per-TICK-yuh-ler. The -yuh vowel sound is really a schwa, but I don’t know how to type that.
Raised in NJ, live in NYC.

Thats the way i say it and yes i am from Texas

Par-tick-u-lar. Sometimes I say it per-tick-u-lar. I have a friend who, whilst drunk and stoned, once said it “Par-ticka-lur” which we tease her about incessantly.

I think most people say it as does the OP; however in defence of Mr. Obama, it is a time-honoured affectation of politicians to affect a home-spun folksy pronunciation that brings them in line with the common man, of at least certain chosen words. At least in America, I don’t know about other countries.

Puh-tick-u-ler. The first “r” is silent.

IMHO Obama’s occasional slight drawl is “black-urban southern heritage” in nature. It’s not his background, but probably adopted from his Chicago years.


This is the one I hear most often.

seconded. Virginian.

SE Michigan my whole life:


Same here.

I expected the gist of the question to be PER vs. PAR. Without any special attention to diction I say it the way GilaB does. Speaking to an audience I make an effort to say PAR, but that only happens once ever 3 to 5 years.

Prior to this thread I had no awareness of President Obama pronouncing it some other way. From now on though, I’m sure I’ll notice it over and over. Thanks.

I do this when I say the word quickly. When I am emphasizing it, every syllable is well-enunciated. par-TICK-you-lurr.

I have always said it this way, both while living in Connecticut and Michigan.

It’s 'cause he’s from Kenya.

Obama’s speech has always sounded very Chicago-ey to me.