How do you pronounce "shenmue"?

My friends and I have been debating this for a while. There is this game called Shenmue. I have always said “Shen-may” while they always say “Shen-moooo” , I could have sworn it was pronounced with some kind of - may on the end. ANyone really know the answer?

Shenmue shmenmue – we don’t hear from you in weeks and that’s all you got to say? You wanna break you mother‘s heart?

sorry, haven’t had anything really profound to say lately, not that this is profound either :smiley:

It appears to be a Japanese game, so the correct pronunciation would be shem - moo - eh.

Well, if you want to be more technical about it, it’s actually four syllables: sheh - m - moo - eh (the ‘n’ produces an ‘m’ sound before an ‘m’, and has it’s own syllable).

The game appears to have both Chinese and Japanese characters, and according to my roommate, Japanese doesn’t have the “she” (“shay”) phoneme. So it might be a Chinese pronunciation we’re looking for.

Either way, I’m pretty sure “shen-moo” is an incorrect pronunciation. My guess is that it’s closer to “shen-mway”.