How do you read a Pit Thread?

I don’t venture into the Pit a whole lot, but when I see a thread in which one Doper “calls out” another, I will read the OP and not read anything else until the Doper who’s been called out has responded.

Anybody else do this?

I wear my black cloak of Shar’anart, performing a spell to kill the seraphim high guard, sacrificing several goat felchers in the process, it all being as my satanic lord commands.

I enjoy reading pitted poster threads, because unlike other pittings the pitee gets to defend him/herself. Usually very interesting.

You too, Alsan?

Don’t be fooled, that’s Tash, just pretending he’s Aslan. Because as we know, there’s only one Aslan, so how could there be “Aslan2”?

I usually close my eyes and hold my breath till I get through.

Left to right, top to bottom.

Oh, I don’t read it but I would read it just like any other forum, I do search it sometimes, like once or twice a year just for kicks.